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Lexx 3.05 Gondola
(written by Paul Donovan, Lex Gigeroff)

(Five moths are flying through a dark cloudy sky. Duke and Fifi are in the first moth)

FIFI: Is it always like this up here?
DUKE: Only at double dusk, when the storm reaches all the way down to the surface. Not the best time to make a crossing
FIFI: Yeah, I believe it

(In the moth behind - Xev, Stan and Bunny, with Kai and Kai2 leaning out of the doors)

XEV: Now?
KAI: Now

(Xev steers the moth backwards, so they can attack the other moths from behind. Kai2 shoots an arrow into one. Kai uses his brace to snap the joystick of one moth, and cut the wings off another. A crossbow bolt hits Xev's moth. Kai makes another moth explode)

KAI: I have destroyed them all, except for the one in front of us
KAI2: Which is the most important one - so let's go get 'em
XEV: The moth's not responding
KAI: It has been struck by several crossbow darts. I suspect that it is injured
STAN: Injured? We're all gonna die!
XEV: What do we do?
KAI: Stanley is right. The moth will crash and you will all - die
STAN: Then Xev, do something
XEV: It doesn't respond anymore Stan, it's dead. Any ideas?
KAI2: Yes - just one

FIFI: I can't see them anymore
DUKE: Good
FIFI: I can't see anything ahead either, can you?

(Their moth chirrups, then ploughs into a sand dune)

FIFI: What happened?
DUKE: I think we landed
FIFI: I know. Where are we?
DUKE: Somewhere on the surface of planet Fire
FIFI: I know that, I can feel the heat. I mean, any idea where?
FIFI: Thank you

(They start brushing sand off themselves)

FIFI: Well, I think I can take the heat, at least until the storm clears. Huh - maybe it worked out after all. There's no way dead man could have followed us in this

(Duke tries the moth's controls)

FIFI: What's wrong?
DUKE: Dead
FIFI: Great

(The others are all dangling from their moth, hanging onto Kai's brace)

XEV: Can you see anything?
KAI2: Not yet - there, ahead
XEV: I can't see anything
KAI2: All right, quick now - lower us down
XEV: Do it!

(They fall to the sand. The moth flies a little further, then crashes)

XEV: Good thing we didn't stay in the moth
STAN: Yes, yes I am OK, thank you all very much for asking
XEV: Thanks (to Kai2) Thanks. That was a good idea. You saved us all
STAN: Boy, this is hot
KAI: I believe that is in part why they call this planet Fire
STAN: Oh great, so we go from the frying pan into the fire, right? This what happens to us?
XEV: It is hot
STAN: No, Xev - this is really, really hot - and what happens when the storm clears up and the sun comes out, what about then, Mister Bright Ideas?
KAI2: We'll come up with something

(He takes Xev by the hand and they start walking. Stan follows, then Kai, who is giving Bunny a piggyback)

STAN: We'll come up with something? We'll come up with something. Great

(The sun comes up. Duke and Fifi are standing beside their moth)

FIFI: Where's our moths? It's been so long. Why aren't they picking us up?
DUKE: I don't know
FIFI: Hey, you don't think the dead guy could've brought them all down, do you?
DUKE: Perhaps he did
FIFI: Nah. OK, well let's just say that he did - then what happens?
DUKE: Then we die
FIFI: Look, there's a city over there, why don't we just go there?
DUKE: How?
FIFI: Walk
DUKE: (laughs) That city is called Girltown. It's the only city on this planet where they might not kill us, but I don't think you would be very happy there
FIFI: What choice have we got? I say we just start walking, before it gets any hotter
FIFI: Why not?
DUKE: There's no point
FIFI: What do you mean?
DUKE: To get there from here, we would have to cross the red hot sea
FIFI: What's the red hot sea?
DUKE: It's a sea of boiling rock, which is so hot that it glows red. If we'd landed there instead of here, we'd have been consumed in seconds. Anyway, the heat's gonna kill us in an hour or so
FIFI: There must be something we can do, besides staying here and getting cooked. Come on, dying isn't real high on my agenda for today
DUKE: Death's not such a bad thing - for me anyway. But then, I'm me, and you are you, and only you can suffer your fate. And for you - death will be bad
FIFI: What are you talking about?
DUKE: I'm talking about the fact that your true suffering will begin shortly - immediately after the heat from this planet kills the body which currently contains your miserable life
FIFI: Ah, whatever. Look - there must be something we can do

(The Lexx crew come across the remains of their moth)

STAN: Well, I guess our moth's flying days are over

(He points at something in the distance)

STAN: Look

(They find a skeleton with a crossbow bolt through it, and a grounded balloon nearby. Stan checks the balloon for holes)

XEV: Do you think we'll be able to make it fly?
KAI: There is still some fuel remaining
STAN: And I don't see any holes

FIFI: I don't know which is hotter - the sun or the ground
DUKE: The ground is hotter
FIFI: How do you know all this stuff? I mean about what happens to me when I die?
DUKE: Because I have died many times
FIFI: Excuse me?
DUKE: Death is not the end - merely a transition to another life
FIFI: I certainly hope you're right
DUKE: You shouldn't
FIFI: Why?
DUKE: Because your next life may not be so pleasant
FIFI: I'm not having much of a pleasant life right now
DUKE: I promise you, the next one will be more unpleasant. You'll look back on this life with longing - except that you won't remember it
FIFI: I don't believe any of this
DUKE: Maybe you'll get lucky again
FIFI: Lucky? How?
DUKE: You're not like the others from your planet
FIFI: Not a bit
DUKE: Sometimes mistakes get made. An error occurred, and you ended up on Water where you did not belong - in a city you did not deserve to be
FIFI: A place I didn't want to be
DUKE: And you found me, and we will die together, and you will be mine forever
FIFI: What? - Look!

(A balloon is heading towards them)

STAN: Uh oh - we're going down. We need more heat

(Kai2 adjusts the controls)

STAN: Better, OK, we're going back up again
KAI2: But we're burning too much fuel
XEV: At least the wind is blowing in the right direction. Do you think we have enough fuel to make it?
KAI2: Not if we keep burning it at this rate
XEV: So what do we do?
KAI: We lose weight
KAI2: He's right. If we have less weight, we'll burn less fuel
STAN: Hey - what's that red stuff up ahead?
XEV: Looks hot
KAI: He's right - this balloon is carrying too much weight for all of us to make it. I will meet you at the city. Farewell

(Kai throws himself over the side, and lands in the sand)

XEV: Kai!

(Bunny waves. Kai waves back, then starts walking. Xev looks uneasy)

STAN: It's all right, Xev. He's all right. He's doing the right thing

XEV: It's much cooler up here

(Xev watches Kai2, who walks over to her)

XEV: So - explain. Why do you look exactly like Kai?
KAI2: Explain why he looks like me
STAN: Oh no, wait, wait, wait - look, we know that he is Kai, and we can see that you look like him, you know, but - who are you?
KAI2: Who do I look like?
XEV: Kai, last of the Brunnen G
KAI2: Exactly
XEV: But how can the both of you be one person?
KAI2: (laughs) I'm not exactly sure that we are. He is dead, so, he is not the same as me, as I am quite alive

(He sits down beside Xev)

FIFI: Hey, hey, down here! Woo, up there, look - we're down here!
STAN: It's a trick
KAI2: I wouldn't rule out that possibility

(He gets up to look down at them)

FIFI: Woo, we're down here!
XEV: Who is it?
KAI2: Let's go down and find out
STAN: Bad idea. There's nothing we can do for them, it'd just be extra weight
KAI2: So you're saying we should just leave them out there in the desert to die?
STAN: No, that's not what I'm saying, I'm just saying - just leave them down there to fend for themselves and, so they don't get a chance to pull one on us

KAI2: Xev?
XEV: I think we should at least see who they are
FIFI: I can't tell you how happy we are to see you. I thought we were dead
STAN: What do you want?
FIFI: A lift, of course. You can drop us off over there in Girltown. That'll be fine, if it's OK with you
XEV: You were in one of the moths, weren't you?
FIFI: Oh - that was against our will. We had nothing to do with those guys. No, we were, we were escaping when we crashed in the storm, that's what happened
BUNNY: Hi Fifi!
FIFI: Oh - hi, hi Bunny
BUNNY: He's Fifi - the one who stole your moths
STAN: OK, OK, that's all I need to hear. Look, they attacked Boomtown, they can just stay out here in the desert and fry
FIFI: You can't just leave us out here to die in the desert!
XEV: Well, maybe it was against their will, how do we know? What do you think, Bunny?
BUNNY: Fifi was - well, he didn't really - fit in
STAN: Look - it doesn't matter. They're just extra weight, so we can't do anything for them anyway. OK, look, hey guys - really sorry about you being stuck down there and all that, but, er, you see, we're running low on fuel and we just, we can't take on any extra weight so, we can't help you, sorry
FIFI: Look, mister, you can't just leave us out here in the desert to die
STAN: When we get to the city over there we'll let them know that you're out here, and we'll get them to send somebody out to get you
FIFI: No, no, you can't do that. We'll be dead by then. Come on. Look, Bunny, Bunny, Bunny come on, tell them they can't do this Bunny? Bunny, come on, it's me, we're friends
STAN: Look - more heat - the sooner we get away from these guys the better
XEV: I don't feel right about this Stan
STAN: Look Xev, I'm finding it a bit difficult myself, but just don't go getting crazy on me, OK? There just isn't enough fuel, that's all. I mean, look, they're as good as dead, and we can't do anything about it, except join them

(Kai2 starts bringing the balloon down)

STAN: What are you doing?
KAI2: The right thing

(The gondola scrapes the top of a sand dune. A net is lowered for Fifi to climb on board. Kai2 gives Duke a hand, and Duke recognises him)

KAI2: Me

(Duke doesn't look happy, but gets onboard, and Stan hauls the net up)

FIFI: Hey, thanks

(He hugs Kai2)

FIFI: I mean it, sincerely. You're looking - better, guy

(Then he hugs Bunny)

FIFI: Thanks Bunny. You guys saved our lives
STAN: Well, not for long, because now we don't have enough fuel to make it, thanks to you

(The balloon rises. There is a tense silence)

FIFI: You know, it's amazing how much it cools off once you're up in the air aways

(Kai2 stands up with his bow)

FIFI: So you don't think we have enough fuel to make it? Anybody got any bright ideas?

(Duke stands up and holds his arms out at his sides)

STAN: Yes. We go back down and we drop you two off
FIFI: Ha ha. I mean, other than that

(Kai2 shoots an arrow into Duke, who looks at him)

DUKE: There will be a next time
KAI2: There always is

(Duke falls over the side. Kai watches from the ground)

KAI2: He led the attack. He was our enemy
FIFI: Yeah. Yeah, that's good. He, you know, he had total control over me too. So there's less weight now, so we can make it, right?
KAI2: There's still too much weight

(He gets another arrow ready, but then puts it away)

STAN: One down, one to go, huh?

(Fifi clings onto Bunny's arm)

(Kai is walking on the red hot sea. He sees what's left of Duke's body, pulls out the smouldering arrow, and blows it out)

FIFI: I have a question. What happens after you die?
STAN: Well, that's a good question, since we're all gonna die soon
FIFI: Well?
STAN: Well, I don't know. I mean, you die, and that's it
BUNNY: Well, I believe that, if you live a good life, then something nice will happen to you
FIFI: You would think that, Bunny. Er - I mean yeah, I hope you're right Bunny, I really do
XEV: Why?
FIFI: Well, I don't know, it's just that, er, you know Duke, before he did the big drop, he, er, he was going on about how this wasn't the first time I was alive, and that there was something coming after, you know, like, for me anyway
STAN: Something good?
FIFI: I don't know. Not exactly, I don't think
KAI2: And did you believe him?
FIFI: No, not really. The way I see it is simple. You wake up one day, and there you are. Life begins. You can't remember anything before that, so that means that it wasn't. And then when you die, you just aren't anymore
STAN: What do you mean, one day you just woke up?
FIFI: Well, just what I said
XEV: You mean, when you were born?
FIFI: What's born?
STAN: What? - when you were born, when your mother had you
FIFI: Mother?
STAN: Oh boy - Bunny, you're a woman, explain it to him
BUNNY: Explain what?
STAN: I can't believe I'm asking this - explain to him what being born is, you know, where children come from, how life begins for all of us, you know
BUNNY: I just woke up one day and I was there, just like everyone else
FIFI: Yeah
STAN: There's something really weird about you two, and these whole two planets
XEV: See, where we come from, people start out small, as babies about this size, and they grow inside women
BUNNY: I've always been the same size
FIFI: Yeah, me too

(They laugh. Kai2 sits beside them, with one leg leaning on the edge of the gondola. Bunny looks uneasy)

FIFI: I don't know, maybe you're right. Maybe I was once small. I just don't remember
XEV: We're going down again
STAN: Increase the flame

(Kai2 goes back to the controls)

KAI2: It's at the maximum
FIFI: It's the red hot sea. If we don't get more flame, we're gonna crash and burn
KAI2: That's all there is
STAN: OK, then we have to lose weight now
KAI2: So - who's going to volunteer to die?
STAN: I volunteer him
FIFI: I volunteer you
STAN: It's our balloon. We picked you up, and you got some extra free life, so come on Fifi, do the right thing, come on, over the side, come on
FIFI: How is that the right thing?
XEV: There's no point in all of us dying if only one person has to
STAN: Yeah
BUNNY: I'll do it. I'll jump over the side
STAN: No you won't. He stole the moths and he attacked Boomtown
FIFI: Against my will!
STAN: He's going over and that's it
FIFI: I'm not going over and that's it. Bunny volunteered, let her do it
XEV: Kai?
KAI2: We all agree - somebody has to die, yes?
KAI2: We can have a vote
STAN: OK - I vote for him, vote for Fifi - Xev?
XEV: Fifi
FIFI: I vote for Bunny
BUNNY: Bunny. I vote for myself
XEV: Kai, you have to decide
FIFI: Why? Bunny said she wants to do it. Let her have what she wants
STAN: No, she doesn't wanna do it, she's just being a nice person, not like Fifi here

(Kai2 takes hold of Bunny's shoulder and she stands up nervously)

KAI2: I think that of all the people on this sip, one person deserves to live least

(He sits down next to Fifi - )

KAI2: I vote for - Fifi

(- and grabs his arm)

STAN: OK, come on Fifi - you lost the vote, take it easy
FIFI: No, no, you jump
STAN: I'm not gonna jump
FIFI: I'm not jumping
STAN: Come on - if you're not gonna jump we'll just have to throw you over
FIFI: Forget it!
XEV: Kai!

(Kai2 and Stan pull Fifi to the edge)

FIFI: No, please, I'm begging you. You can't just kill me, snuff out my life like it was nothing. Hey - and if Duke's right, and there is another life, you all might have to pay for this wrong
KAI2: I thought you didn't believe him
STAN: We don't have a choice, Fifi, come on
FIFI: No! Killing is wrong - there's gotta be a way. OK, so we don't think there's enough fuel. Well, maybe the wind'll change direction or something. You can't just take away a man's precious life because there isn't enough wind!
STAN: Come on Fifi, let go

(He tries to prise Fifi's hands of the net. Fifi bites Stan's hand)

XEV: We are going to throw you over. We have to, you deserve it
FIFI: I don't wanna die!
KAI2: If you're right, Fifi, and there is nothing after this, then you have nothing to be afraid of
FIFI: I still don't wanna die!
STAN: Look - this is as hard for us as it is for you
FIFI: Then you jump! No!

(Bunny is very distressed by all this. She walks to the other side of the gondola, and starts to climb over the edge)

STAN: Bunny!

(He pulls her back)

BUNNY: Let me do it - I can't take it anymore!
STAN: Please - don't you remember what he did to all your friends?

(Fifi scrambles for the safety harness and buckles himself in)

BUNNY: I forgive him
STAN: Oh, Bunny

(Xev looks at Fifi)

XEV: I don't know. I don't know if I can throw him over the side either
STAN: You're going crazy on me again, Xev. Look, just be practical for once. What good is it gonna do if we all crash and burn? Look, come on Kai, gimmee a hand here
XEV: Well, if killing someone is wrong, then it's wrong
FIFI: Yeah!
XEV: I don't think we're going down anymore anyway
KAI2: The sun is going behind Water. That will make it cooler - for now

(Fifi kisses Xev's hand - and Kai2's)

STAN: You had the right instinct, Bunny - but he's the wrong guy

(Kai is still walking across the red hot sea. Night falls)

KAI2: We don't know what's ahead - we should try to get some sleep
STAN: I'm not tired
FIFI: I'll make myself useful, you know, do my bit. I volunteer to keep watch
STAN: we don't trust you
KAI2: I'll keep watch
XEV: I think he's right, Stanley. We don't know what's ahead of us, and I'm very tired, so maybe we should try and get some rest
STAN: Yeah, OK

(Xev goes to lie down)

STAN: Promise you won't take your eyes off of him
KAI2: I promise
STAN: Hey Bunny - come and lie down with me, hmm?
XEV: Sleep well, Stan
STAN: I'll try

(Bunny snuggles up with Stan)

STAN: Yeah, I'll try

(The gondola flies through the night. When everyone else is asleep, Fifi unbuckles the safety harness and goes over to Kai2)

FIFI: I can't sleep

(Kai2 says nothing - just drinks some water from a glass phial)

FIFI: Thanks - you know, for not throwing me over before. Look, I know all you guys, you all thought I deserved to die the most, so, er, I just wanna say thanks

(Fifi looks at Xev)

FIFI: She's pretty cute - and it's entirely obvious that she's got the hots for you - oh yeah. So why don't you go and lie down next to her?
KAI2: I'm keeping watch
FIFI: So, let me take a turn. Like I said, I can't sleep. Come on, what are you worried about? What, am I gonna steal the balloon? There's nothing I can do. Besides, we could all be dead in a couple of hours. You should have a good time while you can - and there's a good time lying down there waiting for ya
KAI2: (laughs) When did you hook up with Duke?
FIFI: Duke, huh? Well - ever since I woke up, I was on Gametown - you know, the city where all they do is play sports all day? It was OK, it just wasn't me. Then the dead guy - who looks a lot like you - he comes along. So I take his moths and I leave. I figured I might do better on this planet. So I land on what looked like the biggest city. Duke was the big cheese there, so he became my boss - until you put an arrow through him. I saw something when you shot that arrow
KAI2: What did you see?
FIFI: Something between you - you know, like there was something going on
KAI2: What?
FIFI: I dunno what - something
KAI2: You only ever look out for yourself, right Fifi?
FIFI: I'm not sure what you're getting at
KAI2: Tell the truth for once in your life. It could be the most important thing you ever say
FIFI: Well - I consider myself a practical guy. I do what's practical
KAI2: Only when it benefits you, and only you - right?

(Kai2 leans his chin on Fifi's shoulder, and looks at him)

FIFI: Er - OK, right
KAI2: And you also take pleasure in the suffering of others
FIFI: Only when it's practical

(Kai 2 laughs)

FIFI: Is that the right answer?
KAI2: It was a bad answer, but a very practical one, for you. I would like to make you a deal
FIFI: Oh yeah?
KAI2: Will you make a deal with me?
FIFI: I love deals

(They both laugh)

(Later. Kai2 leans over the sleeping Xev)

XEV: Kai?
KAI2: Xev
XEV: How is everything?
KAI2: Everything's OK, I just wanted to be close to you for a moment. Is that OK?
XEV: Yes. Are you - are you really alive?
KAI2: (laughs) Yes
XEV: All of you?

(Kai2 takes her hand and lowers it so she can feel how alive he is)

KAI2: All of me. We may never have another chance

(He kisses her neck)

KAI2: I can't help feeling like - I know you. Maybe I do, from another life

(He has a very devious look on his face - but Xev doesn't see it)

KAI2: Do you want me?
XEV: Yes
KAI2: Then I am yours
XEV: And I am yours

(They start to kiss and Xev takes Kai2's tunic off, but they are interrupted)

BUNNY: Aaaaah!

(Fifi watches her go splat! into the red hot sea. Stan rushes over, Xev and Kai2 get dressed)

FIFI: Bunny. She sacrificed herself, for us
STAN: I don't think so
KAI2: I should have stayed up on watch
STAN: She didn't throw herself over. She was a really nice person and you pushed her over, didn't you?
FIFI: Get outta here
STAN: What happened?
KAI2: I don't know, exactly
STAN: What do you mean, you don't know exactly? - you were on watch
KAI2: I was distracted
STAN: You what?
XEV: By me. I distracted him. It was our only chance to - be together
STAN: Xev!
FIFI: Come on, it's not her fault. Bunny threw herself over for the rest of us. It's something she wanted to do for a while now, make herself feel good or something like that, I dunno
KAI2: It was my fault. If I had stayed on watch I could have stopped her
FIFI: Well - no more weight problem, right? Thanks to Bunny

(Fifi leans over the side)

FIFI: Thanks Bunny! Hope you're somewhere nice now! So, when do we get there?
XEV: We're passing it
KAI2: The wind has changed direction
XEV: It's increasing

(Kai is still walking. The sun is coming up. On the gondola, Fifi pedals while Stan pumps)

XEV: Pedal faster! We're even farther away
FIFI: I'm pedalling as fast as I can
XEV: Turn this way

(Kai2 turns the rudder)

FIFI: What is it?
XEV: More cities - lots of them
FIFI: Can I take a rest, or what?
XEV: No, they are very far away. We'll be very lucky to make it. The wind is still increasing
FIFI: I can't keep this up much longer
XEV: It won't take much longer

(The balloon nears the city - and is met by a hail of arrows)

XEV: The balloon's been hit. We need more flame
KAI2: There isn't any more
XEV: We are going down again then
FIFI: We'll burn up
STAN: We're almost there - Oh!

(An arrow just misses him)

XEV: The other way, full rudder
STAN: Xev, what are you doing?
XEV: What I have to do

(The balloon heads towards the city wall)

XEV: Watch out!

(The gondola is impaled on one of the large metal thorns sticking out of the city)

XEV: Go!

(She jumps out onto the thorn, followed by Kai2 and Fifi. Stan just makes it out before the gondola crashes to the ground, snapping the tip of the thorn off as it goes)

FIFI: So, what now?
XEV: We climb up
FIFI: You can climb up
XEV: I will
STAN: No, Xev
XEV: No what? If we go down, we'll burn up in the heat, if we go up, who knows?
STAN: No, no, no, we should wait till nightfall
XEV: I don't know. Maybe whoever's here will have found us by then, and I'm not sure we want that
KAI2: I'll go with you - it's too hot. Wait until it's a little cooler
XEV: The heat doesn't bother me too much
FIFI: How can it not bother you? I'm burning up here
XEV: Maybe I'm from a hotter place - at least, part of me, that is

(She starts climbing up the wall. Stan starts to crawl along the thorn towards the others)

KAI2: If you wait, I'll go with you
XEV: No, it's OK. You stay down there with Stan, he won't want to be left alone with Fifi
STAN: You got that right! It's OK guys, just let her go, she likes to explore

(Kai2 sits down next to Fifi by the wall. Stan stands up)

STAN: So, are you really Kai?
KAI2: No
STAN: Then, you know, why do you look like him?
KAI2: I look like Kai, because I want to
STAN: What do you mean, you want to?
FIFI: It was a good way for him to come back
STAN: I am not talking to you, why are you answering for him?
FIFI: Because I want to

(Kai2 laughs)

FIFI: And he looks like the dead guy because he wants to look like the dead guy
STAN: You can't just look like somebody because you wanna look like somebody, it's just not that easy
FIFI: It is for him - after he dies, anyway

(Fifi and Kai2 laugh)

STAN: What? Are you two guys on the same side now?
FIFI: You finally figured it out! Yeah, me and Kai here, we're playing on the same team now - only, like he said, he's not Kai
STAN: Who are you?
KAI2: Prince
STAN: Prince who?
KAI2: Just Prince. You know me. We've met before

(Kai2 drinks some more water from his phial, and offers some to Fifi)

FIFI: He's my new boss
STAN: You did it, didn't you? You threw Bunny over the side
FIFI: You think?
STAN: So, OK, fellas - what's the plan?
FIFI: Well, Stanley -

(Fifi gets up)

FIFI: The plan is that it's your turn to take a swan dive over the edge
STAN: Hey, well, come on, what's the real plan? We're all stuck up here together and we just gotta help each other out, no matter who you are
KAI2: You're going to suffer for your sins, Stanley

(Kai2 stands up, and gets an arrow ready. Stan backs away)

STAN: Now come on guys, if we co-operate here, we can come out of this alive
FIFI: It won't hurt, Stan. You're gonna hit the ground so hard you won't feel a thing

(Kai2 shoots at Stan)

FIFI: Oh, just missed
KAI2: But the real pain will come after death
STAN: What do you mean?
KAI2: You'll see. I'm good with pain
FIFI: I know how you feel, Stanley. This is what you were gonna do to me, till you wimped out. There'll be no wimping out this time. You know why? - because throwing you over the side is gonna be a feelgood experience for me, pal

(Stan has run out of thorn, and is lying on his back. Fifi grabs his legs, and Kai2 pokes him in the chest with his bow)

STAN: Oh come on now guys, we can make a deal, any deal you want
KAI2: I already made a deal with you, and you didn't keep it
STAN: I tried!
KAI2: And for that, you will suffer
STAN: Ah! No, no, no, no, no, no, you can't no, don't!

(Xev hears him, and starts back down)

FIFI: Bye bye, Stanley Tweedle
STAN: No, no!
FIFI: Too late, pal
KAI2: Time to die

(Xev in her Cluster lizard form drops down onto the thorn. She knocks Kai off, but he manages to grab hold of the thorn)

FIFI: Hey - you didn't have enough time to come down here
XEV: Correct, if I was only a human being
FIFI: You're not a human being?
XEV: Not completely
STAN: She's only half human
FIFI: What's the other half?
XEV: Cluster lizard
(She screams, which distracts Fifi - so Stanley kicks him over the edge)

STAN: And Kai's not Kai - he's Prince, pretending to be Kai
KAI2: Don't believe him, Xev
XEV: I do believe him!

(She kicks him off the thorn)

XEV: The real Kai woulda been a better kisser!
STAN: Thank you. Oh thank you Xev. Thank you

(Xev gives him a hand getting up)

STAN: Thank you thank you thank you. I thank you like I've never thanked you before. Huh?
XEV: Are you the real Stan?

(She holds his face and looks at him)

STAN: What? You wanna kiss me and find out?

(Xev gives him a peck on the cheek, and nods)

XEV: You are
XEV: Let's go
STAN: Oh darn

(They walk along the thorn, to the tower. In the desert, Kai is also walking to the tower)

© Filking Fairy

© LEXX - LIGHT ZONE 2005 HELEN & Trulyalyana

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Что-то есть.
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