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Lexx 3.13 Heaven and Hell
(written by Paul Donovan)

(On the Lexx, Stan's body is inside a cryopod. On Water, the sun is setting as a moth flies toward Gametown. Inside, Xev is smiling, and 790 is ecstatic)

790: I'm going to wet myself, with tears of joy. There he is!

(Kai is standing on a balcony. The moth lands, and Xev opens the door to let Kai in)

790: Kiss me Kai

(Kai kisses his hand, then taps it on the top of 790's casing)

790: I'll never wash that spot

(The moth flies away)

790: On a branch, there is a fruit,
Plump and ripe for sucking
In a moth, there is a Kai,
Cold but right for -
XEV: Give him a break, 790
790: I can't help it! I'm obsessed by my man!
KAI: Thank you, 790, but that is enough
XEV: Nice to see you again Kai
KAI: Thank you Xev
XEV: We knew you didn't float, and we were really worried that we would never find you again. That you would be sunk down inside the planet forever
KAI: Did you find Stan's body?
XEV: Yes. It was floating face down. We took it back to the Lexx and tried to use the protein regenerator on it
790: But it was all a big waste of time. The dead stay dead. But one of the dead can pump some life into me anytime. Grr!
KAI: Can the Lexx fly now?
XEV: A short way only. He says the balloons he ate were just a snack and he's still weak, so he probably has to eat a lot more. I have the key

(Xev holds up her hand, which glows)

XEV: Kai?
KAI: What?
XEV: Is there anything we can do?
KAI: About what?
XEV: About Stanley
790: We can forget about him
KAI: He is dead (completely unconcerned)
XEV: So are you, but it hasn't been the end for you. Does it mean it has to be the end for him?
KAI: Underwater I saw countless shapes, I think - they are the life essences of people who have died, and who will live again
XEV: Why do you think that?
KAI: In the centre of the planet there is a brightness. I sank into this brightness and then - I woke up again, on Gametown
XEV: What do you mean, you woke up?
KAI: I don't know exactly, but people here say, they are not born, but that they wake up. I think I experienced such a process. Everyone who wakes up here has lived and died before. I believe it is a continuous cycle
XEV: Hmm. If you woke up, are you alive now?
KAI: No, I am still dead. But -
XEV: But what?
KAI: I saw the living part of me deep inside this planet, waiting for his turn to wake up, and live again
XEV: So should we try to find him? I mean you. Him
KAI: I think - my living shape will have no knowledge of his former self, and that he will wake up somewhere here, and lead a happy life. That is a good outcome

(Xev nods. 790 looks at her, and Kai. Kai watches Xev)

KAI: But if you want to, we can -
XEV: No, it's fine. It is a good outcome. Why should we want to change it? (changes the subject) What about Stanley?
KAI: He is not here, inside this planet
XEV: Why not?
KAI: Water, seems to be the afterlife for the virtuous. Stanley did not always make virtuous choices. I suspect he has gone to Fire
XEV: Then we are going to Fire
KAI: What for?
XEV: To get Stanley

(The moth heads for Fire)

(On Fire, Prince is standing inside his city, with his eyes closed. A priest enters the chamber)

PRIEST: Prince, we have -

(Prince opens his eyes)

PRINCE: Visitors. I've been expecting them
PRIEST: What shall we do?
PRINCE: We shall entertain them

(The priest leaves. Prince opens some shutters and looks at the moth, then goes out onto the balcony. Xev watches him from the moth)

XEV: It's Prince, looking good as new

(Prince raises his arms)

XEV: What do you think?
KAI: I think, that to land here is to risk your life, but I also think that Prince is the most capable of answering your questions about Stanley
XEV: We're landing

(The moth lands on the balcony. Prince walks down the steps back into his chamber. Xev and Kai stand at the top of the steps, looking into the chamber)

XEV: Looks familiar
PRINCE: Of course. So Xev - have you come for another kiss? You seemed to enjoy it last time
XEV: Which time? Before you died, or after you died, or when you came back as Kai?
PRINCE: Oh, I don't know, any of them. All of them. Whatever
KAI: We have come to find Stanley Tweedle
PRINCE: He's dead
XEV: How do you know that?
KAI: We have recovered his body. It is fully functional, but he is not alive
PRINCE: He is not alive, because he is dead

(Kai walks down the steps, Xev follows)

KAI: We have learned that these two planets seem to be a type a repository for the part of a human which is its life essence, outside of the physical body
PRINCE: That's very good
XEV: And we think that Stanley's life essence is here, and we want it back
PRINCE: Very good again. Stanley's life essence is here - but you can't have it back
XEV: Why not?
PRINCE: Because I have it
XEV: Well, then give it to us
XEV: Kai

(Kai aims his brace at Prince's neck, which seems to amuse Prince)

PRINCE: I have lived and died many times. Physical threat has no meaning to me. If you kill me I will instantly live again as whoever I want, wherever I choose
KAI: But only here
PRINCE: Correct. That is my only limitation - for now
XEV: Why do you have Stanley?

(Kai lowers his arm)

PRINCE: Because Stanley did not live a good and perfect life
XEV: Where is he?

(Prince fills his phial with water)

PRINCE: Stanley Tweedle is waiting his turn for punishment

(Prince looks down into the pit in the centre of the chamber. So do Xev and Kai)

PRINCE: Your visit here intrigues me. Clearly your bug cannot fly, or you would have left. I expect that you've come to negotiate a deal

(Kai suddenly throws himself over the edge of the pit, down into the flames. Xev gasps)

PRINCE: The heat there is enough to instantly incinerate living flesh
XEV: That won't stop Kai
PRINCE: I suspect that you're right
XEV: I am
PRINCE: This has never happened before. You're the first
XEV: First what?

(Prince stands on the edge of the pit)

PRINCE: The first people to come here still living their original lives. This has been a most interesting time. A most unsettling time. A time of great - possibility

(He drinks from his phial, then holds it out to Xev)

PRINCE: And now it's time for me to die

(Xev takes the phial from him)

PRINCE: Thank you

(Prince jumps into the pit. Xev watches him fall)

(Kai falls from the sky into a rocky patch of desert. He gets up from the sand, brushes himself off, and starts to walk. There is a sound, and Prince materialises a short way off, dressed all in white. He walks over to Kai)

KAI: Where's Stanley Tweedle?
PRINCE: Here. Would you like to see him?
KAI: Yes, I would
PRINCE: Then come with me

(Prince takes Kai by the hand. They start walking)

(Back in Prince's chamber, Xev fills the phial with water. A priest comes into the chamber, sees her, and takes out his knife)

PRIEST: Where is our prince?

(Xev takes a sip of water, and bluffs)

XEV: I am your prince

(The priest believes her, and bows)

XEV: You can leave now

(The priest leaves, closing the doors behind him)

(In the moth on the balcony, 790 is composing poetry)

790: In a moth, there is a head, whose man is cold and dead
And all that head can ever do, is dream of him in bed
Oh, I suffer so! It hurts. It hurts so bad to love a dead man!

(Back in the desert. Prince and Kai are still walking over rocks)

KAI: Being dead, I do not care about things, but I do - think about them
PRINCE: And what do you think about?
KAI: I try to understand the difference between the living and myself
PRINCE: Well, you're not living

(He strokes Kai's face)

PRINCE: You're a chemical machine, for lack of a better term. Would you like to be alive again?
KAI: I do not have likes
PRINCE: (laughs) There you go!

(Prince carries on walking. Kai follows him)

(The moth. More poetry)

790: In a moth there is a head, yet no-one seems to care!
I'm in love with a man who's dead! I want to - suck his hair!

(790 thinks about this)

790: No - stroke his hair. Touch his hair? Caress his hair? Comb? Comb his hair! Yes, that works

(Xev walks over to the moth)

790: Please, take me to Kai! Do it now!
XEV: It's too hot, 790. You would melt
790: I'm already melting - with loneliness!

(790 sobs. Xev walks away)

(Prince and Kai reach the top of a ridge, and look at a reddish wormhole type thing in the sky)

PRINCE: There they are, and there they wait
KAI: Who?
PRINCE: Those who made bad choices when they were still alive
KAI: And what are they waiting for?
PRINCE: Their turn to suffer. There never used to be so many, but there are so many people now making so many bad choices in so many places that it's getting rather crowded down here, and so they have to wait. Of course, they're not conscious of the wait. For them it is just an instant. They suffer, and they die, and then they awaken, and the suffering goes on as if it had never stopped
KAI: And what will happen to Stanley Tweedle?
PRINCE: Stanley's punishment is level 9. He will man the bellows there until his arms and legs give out, and then he will lose his head. This he will do, over and over
KAI: And for how long?
PRINCE: For the rest of time

(Prince raises a telescope, looks through it)

KAI: And when time ends?
PRINCE: Then time will begin again, and Stanley will return to me. There

(Prince points, and hands the telescope to Kai. Kai looks through it, and sees Stan, all red and bony as at the end of The Beach)

KAI: I have come here to rescue Stanley
PRINCE: Go ahead. Rescue him. Take him with you

(Kai aims his brace, then lowers his arm)

KAI: How can I do that?
PRINCE: You can't
KAI: Can you?
PRINCE: No. Stanley's fate is sealed. He will suffer here for all time, and that is that

(Kai steps up to Prince, hands him the telescope)

KAI: I must return to Xev
PRINCE: Not possible
KAI: Why not?
PRINCE: Because no-one ever returns from here. This is the end of their journey - the last stop. Nothing comes after it and there is no way back
KAI: And you can return?
PRINCE: Of course! I am Prince. I am here with you, and yet at the same time I'm there with Xev. But you will keep me company here, forever

(Prince pats Kai's back)


(They start walking again)

(Stan is floating in limbo. His body is still dead in the cryopod)

(Xev is back in Prince's chamber. She hears a sound. Prince has reappeared, dressed in black, on the opposite side of the pit)

XEV: Prince
PRINCE: Xev. Now that we're rid of the dead man we can finally begin to solve the problem
XEV: What problem?
PRINCE: The only one that matters - to me, anyway. How to destroy Water

(Prince pulls on a bell rope. Some priests come in)

PRINCE: I advise you to surrender. The situation is distinctly in my favour. Now let me think. Stanley is dead

(Prince walks around the pit toward Xev. She walks the other way)

PRINCE: Kai is gone

(Prince changes direction. So does Xev)

PRINCE: And there is only one key to the Lexx. I wonder who could have it?

(Xev looks at the priests)

PRINCE: Oh, they're very good with knives. You would never make it
XEV: So what's the deal?
PRINCE: I will be king, you will be queen. Or perhaps, you'll be my slave (chuckles) It's the same thing really

(Xev walks toward Prince)

XEV: I'm not a human being
PRINCE: Then what are you?
XEV: I'm half human, and half Cluster lizard
PRINCE: Tell me more about this Cluster lizard
XEV: A very nasty thing. It eats human flesh. It prefers the brain especially. It's a predator, without feelings
PRINCE: Am I supposed to be afraid?
XEV: No. You're supposed to understand

(Prince moves in to kiss her, but Xev turns her face)

XEV: Why I'm happy to accept your deal - under the right conditions

(Prince sniffs her. Xev grabs his neck. Prince smiles, and she strokes his face)

XEV: You bring out something in me that doesn't always find proper expression
PRINCE: I think that there's a possibility that you will be a very good queen

(Xev smiles)

XEV: I will be - a very good queen

(Prince tries to kiss her, but she pulls away)

XEV: But not your slave

(She walks away, holds up her hand. It glows, but as Prince moves closer she curls her fingers and smiles)

(Meanwhile, Stan is still in limbo. Prince and Kai are crossing some rocks)

PRINCE: I cannot release Stanley Tweedle, but I can move him to the head of the line. I do have some influence here

(Prince raises his hands, and Stan drifts down out of limbo)


(Stan finds himself on the floor in the city. Handlers grab him)

STAN: Where am I? Ah! Who are you? Ah!

(The handlers manhandle him onto the pump contraption, like before in Fire and Water)

STAN: No! Gee, guys, take it easy, that hurts

(The handlers fasten the straps on his hands and legs)

STAN: I'm not liking this. I'm not liking this one bit

(They put his hands on the levers, a cage around his neck. They attach the blade, add the weight)

STAN: Oh, no, no. Hey guys, I don't wanna do this!

(The handlers leave)

STAN: Guys, we can talk about this. Guys, what did I do to deserve this? Hey guys, come back!

(His voice echoes, as bodies swing past)

(Meanwhile, Kai and Prince are still walking)

KAI: Where is Stanley Tweedle now?
PRINCE: He's on level 9

(Prince sits down on a rock)

KAI: Where?
PRINCE: In my city. It's reserved for the worst cases
KAI: What is he doing there?
PRINCE: Suffering

(Prince smiles)

(In the city, Stan is pedalling)

STAN: Somebody, somewhere! I can't hold out much longer. I can't keep it up forever

(The weight attached to the blade is nearly at the end of the pole. Stan pedals faster)

STAN: Someone help me!

(In the desert, Stan's cries are audible)

PRINCE: Listen
STAN: Someone help me!
KAI: (shouts) I will try to help you Stanley!
PRINCE: He can't hear you. And you can't help him. There's nothing you can do

STAN: Gotta keep pumping. I gotta keep pumping. Gotta, gotta keep pumping. Gotta keep pumping

(He is slower now)

KAI: If I am a machine, and Stanley is an essence meant to suffer forever, then what are you?
PRINCE: I do not know
KAI: How is it that you do not know?
PRINCE: Because no-one has ever asked me that question before, and so I've never thought about the answer
KAI: Where did you come from?
PRINCE: I do not know that either. I do not know when time began, but I think I have been here from the beginning. My existence is simple. I make sure that those who make bad choices suffer - nothing more. At least, until you came along
KAI: What do you want?
PRINCE: What do you mean?
KAI: I mean, what is it that you want? You have tried to destroy both Fire and Water, and yet you say you want to rule both of them
PRINCE: I want to destroy the planet Water. Everything else is just a game
KAI: Why do you want to destroy Water?
PRINCE: Because it is full of good, and I am full of bad. I think that's all there is to it. I'm not very complicated, really (smiles)
KAI: Has our presence on these planets been a good thing, or a bad thing?
PRINCE: Well, a good thing for me is a bad thing for others, of course, but the truth is, I don't know. The issue is not yet resolved
KAI: But if you and I are to remain here forever, and if Stanley is to suffer for the rest of time, what can possibly happen now to resolve the issue?
PRINCE: Xev. She holds the future of Fire and Water. Without her everything would go on forever, as before. We would defeat the people of the planet Water on every battle that we fought, but then we would fight among ourselves and we would undermine our victory. We would never lose - and yet, we would never win
KAI: Where is Xev now? Do you know?
PRINCE: Yes. She's come over to me
KAI: Are you certain?

(Prince thinks about this)


(In the city, Prince stands behind Xev, sniffs her. He snaps his fingers, and more priests come through the door. One priest hands Prince his knife)

PRINCE: Kneel before me

(The priest kneels down. Prince raises his chin with the knife, then looks at Xev)

PRINCE: Strangle him
XEV: Why?
PRINCE: Because I want to watch you do it

(He walks over to her)

PRINCE: I want to see you eat his brain. I want to see if you can be my queen (to priests) If she hesitates, kill her

(Prince walks behind Xev, his mouth on her hair as he speaks)

PRINCE: I'm waiting

(He backs off, stands behind the kneeling priest. Xev walks over to the scared priest, and puts her hands around his throat)

PRINCE: Good, Xev. Very good

(Xev tightens her grip. The priest is now making a gurgling sound)

PRINCE: And you will be mine!

(The priest suddenly pushes Xev's hands away)

PRINCE: I'm disappointed in you Xev

(Xev smiles)

PRIEST: I'm sorry, Prince. I did not want to die

(Prince pats him on the shoulder - then stabs him in the back. Xev turns into a Cluster lizard, and rolls out of the chamber. Prince follows, laughing. Back in human form, Xev jumps into the moth, kisses 790, and gives a scream as they take off. Prince arrives on the balcony and manages to jump onto the legs of the moth as it flies away)

790: Where's Kai?
XEV: Gone
790: We can't leave without him!
XEV: He's not there anymore, 790, he's somewhere inside the planet

(Prince manages to get the moth door open)

PRINCE: How about a kiss, Xev?

(Xev tilts the moth - Prince falls from the door, but sticks his knife into the moth, and manages to hold on underneath. Xev looks out of the moth trying to see him - then Prince cuts a hole through the base of the moth. Xev leaps up onto the top of her seat, nearly hanging out of the door)

790: Ah! What was that?
XEV: Prince
790: Does he know where Kai is?
XEV: Yes
790: Can I talk to him then?

(Prince's face appears in the hole)

PRINCE: I knew you weren't really going to strangle him Xev
XEV: How?
PRINCE: You're just not my type. I could tell
790: Tell me where Kai is
PRINCE: Inside the planet Fire
790: Then we have to go in there and get him
PRINCE: You can't
790: Xev, go inside the planet and get him!
XEV: I can't, 790. Kai is dead, that's why he could go inside the planet. I would burn up if I tried to go into it
PRINCE: She's right. He's stuck there forever, with me
790: Then blow up Fire. Blow the planet up
PRINCE: Don't do that
XEV: Why not?
PRINCE: You don't want to upset the balance
XEV: What balance?
PRINCE: Everything. You don't want to be responsible for that. Just give up, Xev, and then when you're dead, in a minute or two, you'll be able to live a happy life forever and ever on the planet Water
XEV: Until you destroy it
PRINCE: Well, I've never managed to do that so far, and I never will - unless you upset the balance
790: Don't listen to him Xev! We have to save Kai, we have to blow up the planet. Kai will survive
PRINCE: So, Xev - is there a deal?

(Xev smiles)

XEV: Yes

(Prince smiles)

XEV: But not with you!

(She kicks his face, and he falls from the moth. Xev gets back into her seat)

790: We could be friends, you know - but only if you agree to give up the dead man
XEV: That's not the deal, 790

(Xev flies the moth back to the Lexx)

(In the city, Stan is really tired. The weight slides off. The blade slides down)

PRINCE: Look - he's back already. He didn't last long at all. Still, he'll get another turn. And another, and another
KAI: I think - you enjoy your job (The dead sound surprisingly disapproving)
PRINCE: I'm very good with pain

(On the Lexx, Xev is pacing the bridge. 790 watches from his trolley)

XEV: How long, Lexx?
LEXX: 1 minute, 18 seconds
790: Don't think about it Xev, just do it
XEV: I have to think about it
790: Kai's inside the planet and can't get out. What else do you need to know?
XEV: I think the planet is an evil place but I still don't know. That stuff Prince was saying about upsetting the balance -
790: If it's evil, destroy it
XEV: That makes sense, but something is holding me back. How long Lexx?
LEXX: 40 seconds
XEV: There is something different about Fire and Water. It's not going to be like blowing up a normal planet
790: I know what it is
XEV: What?
790: You're a woman
XEV: So?
790: So, I know how you feel about things. I know you don't want to believe me, but I am a woman too. Deep inside I can feel the femininity, the softness, the need to nurture. I know how difficult this is for you, but -
XEV: But what?
790: Kai comes first!
XEV: Oh!

(Xev gets up on the pedestal)

LEXX: I am now aimed at the planet Fire

(Xev activates the template)

XEV: I have a bad feeling about this
790: Now Xev, blow it up now! Put aside your feelings. Only the dead man matters!
XEV: But it's a whole planet!
790: It's an evil place!

(Xev tries to psych herself up to it - but gets down from the pedestal)

XEV: I can't
790: You can!
XEV: No, I can't

(Then she screams a lizard scream)

790: What was that?
XEV: The Cluster lizard in me, my more aggressive side

(She gets back up on the pedestal)

XEV: Lexx - blow up planet Fire, blow it up now!
LEXX: As you command

(The Lexx powers up, and a bolt heads for Fire. Xev watches it on the view screen)

XEV: What have I done, 790?
790: The right thing

(The bolt hits Fire. In the desert, Prince sees flames sweeping across the sky)

PRINCE: What's that?
KAI: The end of your planet - and of you
PRINCE: I think I should be sad, but I'm not

(And he's gone. Fire explodes. Xev watches as chunks fly away, behind a wave of fire)

790: Good job Xev. And today's lesson is always ignore your feelings and listen to the robot head

(A huge stream of glowing red shapes head for the Lexx. Some of them - skeletons - fly onto the bridge, and try to grope Xev. Prince's face appears on the view screen)

PRINCE: Thank you, for, releasing me

(He disappears. The glowing shapes leave the Lexx and fly past Water, toward a star)

790: Quick Xev - find Kai!
XEV: Lexx - you heard him. Find Kai

(But the Lexx does not respond)

XEV: You heard him Lexx - find Kai. We think he's out there somewhere. Let us see closer

(Prince reappears on the view screen)

PRINCE: I have something to do first
XEV: What?
PRINCE: I have a planet to destroy
XEV: No. No!

(Prince disappears)

XEV: Lexx, why don't you answer me?

(The Lexx turns, to point directly at Water)

XEV: Lexx, what are you doing?

(Prince reappears on the view screen)

PRINCE: Not Lexx, Prince. And as I said, I have a planet to destroy - and there it is
XEV: Lexx - do not destroy that planet
PRINCE: Balance, Xev, balance. You upset it, and I'm restoring it, in my special way
XEV: Don't do it, Lexx. Don't do it!
PRINCE: He's not listening. I'm in charge now
XEV: No!
PRINCE: Oh - and thank you, Xev. It has taken far too long, but this little conflict between Fire and Water is finally over

(Prince disappears. The Lexx powers up, and fires a bolt at Water. Xev watches. A floating city vanishes in a tidal wave, as does the whole planet. Streams of blue shapes appear in space. Some float across the bridge - inquisitive faces, not groping skeletons. They look at Xev, then depart. The view screen is now back to normal, just showing stars)

XEV: Lexx?
LEXX: Yes, captain?
XEV: Lexx, is that you?
LEXX: Yes it is me, captain. What planet would you like me destroy?
XEV: None, right now. Do you know what happened to Prince?
LEXX: Who is Prince?
XEV: The one who was just in control of you. The one who had you destroy the planet Water
LEXX: I don't remember anyone else in control of me. You are my captain
XEV: You don't remember the planet you just blew up?
LEXX: There are no planets here
XEV: That's right
LEXX: And I am very hungry
XEV: We know that. And Lexx - we think Kai, the dead man in black, is still out there somewhere. Maybe you can help 790 search for him
LEXX: As you command, captain

(790 starts scanning, and homes in on Kai floating in space)

790: Oh, joy!

(790 laughs, and tears run down his eye screens)

(Chunks from Fire float by. A moth flies back to the Lexx. Inside, Xev has retrieved Kai)

XEV: We didn't know - I mean, I wasn't sure if you would survive when we blew up the planet
KAI: I did not survive, as I am already dead, but - I was not destroyed

(Xev smiles)

XEV: Then I'm glad you were not destroyed

(They get back to the Lexx, walk onto the bridge)

790: Oh, joy to the maximum calculable number squared!
KAI: Hello, 790
790: Where are you going?

(Kai walks down the other passageway, followed by Xev)

KAI: To wake up Stanley
790: But he's dead!

(The cryochamber. Xev has found time to change out of her pressure suit, and is at the controls. The cryopod opens, and Stan wakes up)

STAN: Kai. Xev. Oh, I was having a terrible terrible dream
KAI: You were not dreaming
STAN: Well, no, I, see, I thought I was, um -
KAI: What?
STAN: Well, um - at first I was falling with you, and then I was swimming, and then, er -

(He thinks for a moment)

STAN: I don't remember. Now I'm here - with my friends
XEV: Welcome back, Stanley

(She pats him)

XEV: Welcome back to life, with your friends

(Stan stares at her)

STAN: Back to life? What do you mean, what happened to me?
XEV: You died
STAN: I died?

(He laughs in disbelief)

XEV: Yes, Stanley Tweedle. You died and went down into Fire. And now you're back alive

(Stan looks sick)

STAN: Really?
KAI: Really

(Kai walks away)


(The Lexx is now eating chunks of Fire. The crew are on the bridge. Xev gets onto the pedestal, activates the template)

XEV: Lexx - are we moving?
LEXX: Yes, we are moving
790: But only very slowly
LEXX: I am still very hungry. If I eat I will be able to go faster
XEV: So can we make it somewhere or not?
KAI: Not

(Xev looks at him)

KAI: There appear to be no other life bearing planets in this system, and the next solar system is seven light years away
790: The Lexx will take a long time to make it that far, unless he finds more food to eat
STAN: Well, why don't we just go to another planet in this system, and the Lexx can eat all he wants
KAI: It must contain organic matter
790: Which normally means it must be a life bearing planet
STAN: Well are you sure there's none around here?
KAI: None are visible

(The Lexx flies around the sun. A blue light is visible in the distance)

XEV: Look. What's that? Lexx, can we have a closer look at that star beside that sun?
LEXX: As you command, captain - but that star is a planet

(The view screen shows a close up of the blue planet)

XEV: Hmm. It's half covered with water, so it should be a life-bearing planet

(Stan steps down into the well)

STAN: How come we haven't seen it before?
KAI: It is in the same orbit as Fire and Water, but opposite. It was not visible from where they were, and they were not visible from it
STAN: Interesting - so that means that there must be a lot of organic material on that planet so Xev, tell the Lexx to go there and chow down

(Xev gets down from the pedestal, walks over to Kai)

XEV: Kai - all those shapes, those things that came out of Fire, you saw them too right?
KAI: Yes I did
XEV: What were they?
KAI: I believe they were the life essences of all those who died and made bad choices - people who were evil in life
XEV: Didn't they go around that sun to where the planet is?
KAI: Yes they did
STAN: Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa! Well then, you think we should be going there?
KAI: I do not see that you have any other choice if you want to feed the Lexx
790: I don't care where I go (wheels over to Kai) as long as I'm with my man!

(790 has hearts in his eyes. Xev gets back up on the pedestal)

XEV: Well, here we go then. Lexx, head towards the planet and there you can eat all you want
LEXX: Thank you, captain. Thank you very much. I have a big appetite now and I will eat a lot
XEV: OK, little blue planet. Here we come!

(The Lexx heads for the planet, which has one moon. Elsewhere, a shape is silhouetted against the sun. It's Prince, falling down to the planet)

PRINCE: Oh joy, oh pain, oh joy, oh pain, oh joy, oh pain, oh joy, oh pain, oh joy, oh pain, oh joy, oh pain!

(As he gets closer, the shapes of the land masses become clearer. The little blue planet is Earth - and Prince is heading for North America)

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© LEXX - LIGHT ZONE 2005 HELEN & Trulyalyana

Что-то было
Что-то есть.
Все идет своим чередом.
Что мы видим сейчас
Что случилось до нас
Все вновь повторится потом.